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A Leader's Time Management - Your To-Do List and To-Be List

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Balancing your To-Do List and To-Be List: A Leader's Guide to Effective Time Management

As a CEO or business owner, it can be challenging to prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and find the time to accomplish everything. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm and hinder your effectiveness as a leader. However, there are certain strategies that separate the best CEOs from the rest; time management for CEOs is crucial to their success. These strategies involve managing three crucial dimensions of personal effectiveness: time and energy, leadership model, and perspective.

1. Using Time and Energy

One effective approach is to view work as a series of sprints. Just like a race, you need to mentally prepare and give it your all during the sprint. However, it's equally important to build in times of recovery or "clarity breaks" to recharge and regain focus. Taking control of your time and energy allows you to maintain productivity and avoid being controlled by external factors.

2. Choosing a Leadership Model

Consider developing a leadership philosophy that aligns with your values and guides your daily actions. The book Heart Led Leader by Tommy Spalding emphasizes the importance of authentic leadership that stems from the heart. By leading with qualities like humility, empathy, and love, you can transform your teams, organizations, and communities. Find a leadership model that resonates with you and helps you make a positive impact.

3. Maintaining Perspective in Time Management

It's crucial to keep your role as a CEO and your personal well-being in perspective. Exceptional CEOs understand that it's not about them but about serving others and embracing servant leadership. Attributes such as humility and gratitude can help shift the focus from oneself to the needs of others. By maintaining perspective, you can create a positive work environment and foster strong relationships.

Final Tip: Create a To-Be List

In addition to managing these dimensions, consider adding a "to be" list alongside your "to-do" list. Think about how you want to show up in different situations, whether it's being an encourager or being tough but empathetic. Maya Angelou's quote about how people remember how you made them feel underscores the importance of maintaining a posture of humility and empathy.

Remember that you don't have to excel in all areas of personal effectiveness. Identify the mindsets that are most important for you and strive to excel in those while remaining competent in the others. Regularly evaluate your mindset and your company's direction by asking yourself what you need to start doing, stop doing, and keep doing. This self-reflection will help you continuously improve as a CEO.

If you're looking for further guidance on these topics, consider reading Heart Led Leader by Tommy Spalding, as it provides valuable insights into leading with authenticity and compassion.

In summary, as a CEO, it's important to effectively manage your time and energy, choose a leadership model that aligns with your values, and maintain perspective. By focusing on personal effectiveness, you can enhance your leadership abilities and create a positive impact on your teams, organizations, and communities.


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