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My mission is to help your business thrive, even when you are absent. I work with individuals and teams to create a culture of growth that keeps your business thriving and reaching a higher value.

I work with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, creating a deep understanding of their business and personal brand. I teach them how to build an inspired team, using customer feedback as my guide.

Karen Powell

Certified ValueBuilder Advisor Certified Financial Planner

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Karen Powell provides guidance to owners of small and medium-size businesses to partner in achieving the vision of maximum value. You may be wanting to build a company that has increased revenue and a trajectory of growth, which also can  thrive in your absence. We work closely with your trusted professionals who provide your accounting and tax preparation or other financial services.

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Our focus is on the unique needs of each client, uncovering the means to achieve the optimal possible results and maximized returns. To increase your business' profits, we focus on improving your cash flow and cash management. We target the efficiency of your operation, as well as help you to take control of debt and to create capital for expansion.​

Our Process to Grow Your Company's Value

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Services Disclaimer 

3 Dunwoody Park South,

Suite 103 Atlanta, GA 30338

Services in the Grow Profit Now Program offered by Atlanta Small Companies, LLC, Karen Powell, CEO.

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