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As your business advisor, my mission is to help your business thrive, even when you are absent. I work with individuals and teams to create a culture of growth that keeps your business thriving. I focus on optimizing your business's cash flow and cash management. 

Karen Powell
CEO of Grow Profit Now 

If you are looking to build a successful business that has increased revenue and the momentum of growth, this free Business Valuation Assessment will help you get there. By utilizing our business methods, you can establish a company that is thriving even in your absence.

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Wealth4Life is for time-constrained business owners who want to get an MBA in your hands (not the degree, but Maximum Business Acumen). It is the go-to source for knowledge on how to take your business to the next level. The key steps to making your business smoother and faster to grow are immediately available for you. In one place, this app offers you incremental advancement towards realizing your vision for a better and more valuable company. It can be the foundation for building Wealth for your Life.

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Our Services

Business strategizing

Free Freedom Score

Friendly Business Team

 Free Business Valuation & Assessment

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Get your FREE Freedom Score today

It’s a difficult journey to the top for every entrepreneur, but when you are guided to the fastest and most favorable route to achieve the maximum potential, it is achievable. If your business trajectory has plateaued, see how you can accelerate that path again.

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Ready to sell? Find out how!

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9 Steps to Solve the 

Rainmaker's Dilemma

You have focused on building a great company, but the growth depends mostly upon you.

Discover 9 ways to achieve more value for the business that thrives without you.

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“The expense savings and tax benefits that were discovered in the free analysis Karen provides were unknown to me before.”
“My ValueBuilder Advisor helped me increase my recurring revenue from 15% of Total revenue to 75% of Total revenue.  All of our expenses are now covered by recurring revenue.”
“The system is proven from all angles. It shows you where the opportunities are.”
Ebook about business strategy

8 Ways To Re-Invent
Yourself In A Crisis

You’ll discover how to:

  • Leverage digital channels while working from home

  • Exploit an increased use of social media to drive sales

  • Pick the best part of your business to invest in now

  • Motivate yourself to act with clarity and confidence

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Suite 103 Atlanta, GA 30338

Services in the Grow Profit Now Program offered by Atlanta Small Companies, LLC, Karen Powell, CEO.

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