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The Grow Profit Now Podcast showcases experts with tips to grow your business,  optimize your cash flow and streamline operations so you can achieve the financial success you desire plus more personal freedom.  


Grow Profit Now listeners are small business owners and entrepreneurs who are eager to grow their businesses, but need help navigating their path to more value and profit. Also they seek guidance on how to lead their businesses


-Moves you can take action on to drive more new business to your firm.

-Timely steps to implement efficient systems that cut your firm's expenses.

-Tech tips that speed up the growth of your revenue and lower costs.

-Money sources you are unaware of.

-Key Strategies you need to know to strengthen your financial stability.

-Crucial ways to improve your brand & expand revenue with current clients.

-Short podcast segments to fit any busy

business owner's schedule.


Each podcast episode is approximately 15 minutes long. Podcast interview questions vary based on the guest's interest and expertise, Some potential questions on the podcast include:

  1. What's the biggest challenge your business owner clients face?

  2. What is the biggest mistake businesses that you serve often make when trying to solve that problem? 

  3. What is one valuable free action that our audience can implement that will help with that issue?

  4. What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will help with that issue?

  5. What is the one question I should have asked that would be great value to our audience or what's your no. 1 insight to share?     There may also be questions more specific to your story, industry or expertise.

Karen Powell

Certified ValueBuilder Advisor Certified Financial Planner

Karen Powell, Grow Profit Now

Karen Powell is the CEO of Grow Profit Now and host of the Grow Profit Now podcast. Her mission is to help your business thrive, even when you are absent. She works with individuals and teams to create a culture of growth that keeps your business thriving and reaching a higher value. She focuses on increasing your profits by improving your cash flow and management. She targets the efficiency of your operation, helps you take control of debt, and prepares your business for expansion.

If you are interested in being a guest on the Grow Profit Now podcast, click the button below!


Our focus is addressing the unique needs of business owners, uncovering the ways to achieve the optimal possible results and maximized returns. This may include tips to build business profits, improving cash flow and cash management. Also the topics may cover efficiency of operation,  leadership, financing options, reducing debt and capital for expansion.​

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